Peer-learning meeting : University of Girona - 16 July 2021

February 15, 2021

The SHEFCE project planned a a series three peer-learning visits to be held at the action-planning

universities in Girona (UDG), Krems (DUK) and Brussels (VUB). The first visit was held online at the

UDG on 12-13 July 2021, involving 25 participants.

The aim of the visit (framed as a training activity) was for participants to gain knowledge of different

strategies, types of measures, monitoring and evaluation options for institutional action-planning for

community engagement. A team of 12 visiting participants listened to presentations of good practices

in community engagement and of the results of UDG’s self-reflection on its level of community

engagement (using the TEFCE Toolbox).

Discussions the took place as focus groups between practitioners, students and community partners

to explore institutional opportunities and obstacles for action for community engagement, and the visit

concluded with a workshop of visint partners to define peer-reflections for UDG on their level of

engagement and on potential directions to address identified challenges.

The participants confirmed that the meeting had met its planned learning outcomes, which resulted in

the creation of a peer-reflection document after the end of the meeting.

The agenda, presentations and peer-reflection document are available in the Meetings section.

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