SHEFCE-i2LATAM webinar "University Community Engagement for Research, Innovation and Social Protection"

March 1, 2022

A webinar in Spanish entitled ‘University Community Engagement for Research, Innovation and Social

Protection’ was jointly organised on 16.03.2022 by the SHEFCE project, in partnership with another

Erasmus+ project I2LATAM, a project based in Latin America aimed at strengthenung capacities for

the strategic management of research and innovation in young Latin American universities, with a

focus on local and regional impact.

The webinar featured presentastions of the SHEFCE project and of the self-reflection used by

universities in the project on their level of community engagement (the ‘TEFCE Toolbox’). The toolbox

was presented by Prof. Thomas Cooney of TU Dublin, while Prof. Silvia Llach of the University of

Girona (also a SHEFCE partner) presented their experience of appliyng the Toolbox and how this

raised the visibility of their own achievements in engaging with their external environment and


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