SHEFCE kick-off meeting

October 13, 2020

The online kick-off meeting of the SHEFCE project was held on Tuesday 13 - Wednesday 14 October 2020. The meeting was attended by 37 participants from all SHEFCE partner institutions. 

The objective of the kick-off meeting was to present the SHEFCE project, introduce the partners, present and plan the initial activities and to confirm the administrative, financial and management framework. The kick-off meeting resulted in productive discussions with the following outcomes:

  • Partner institutions learnt about the community engagement activities and expertise of all other partners and how the SHEFCE project builds upon the results of the previous TEFCE project 
  • Advisory team members (EUA, EURASHE, ESU, OECD and the Council of Europe) confirmed that they are involved in a range of initiatives and projects that have direct or indirect links with community engagement in higher education and that they are eager to make connections to the SHEFCE project to create potential synergies. 
  • Partners discussed critically how to approach each of the planned intellectual outputs and defined the next steps in the implementation of the project.

An evaluation of the meeting confirmed that all participants were satisfied with the content and outcomes of the meeting. 

All meeting materials (agenda, minutes and presentations) are available in the Meetings section. (LINK)

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