SHEFCE presented at webinar on community engagement in Latin America and Europe

September 21, 2021

SHEFCE partner ACUP (the Association for Catalan Public Universities), organised a webinar on

21.09.2021 as a part of a parallel Erasmus’+ project (TEFCE) to compare European and Latin

American perspectives on community engagement in higher education.

In addition to ACUP and IDE, the webinar also included the vice-rector of the SHEFCE partner

University of Girona (UDG), Sivlia Llach, who presented the SHEFCE project and presented their

experience in self-assessing their community engagement.

The webinar also included speakers from the Institute for Research on the University and Education

(Mexico), the University of Girona (Spain), the University of Campinas (Brazil), the Latin American

Pact for Education with Human Quality) National University of Education of Ecuador (Ecuador). The

webinar was attended by 87 participants.

A recording is available here:

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